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Questions from Aug 22, 2012

Where will most of the parking be?

Parking will be available all around the facility, as shown in the sketch of the campus. 400 parking spots will be included in Phase I. (The number is based upon a calculation of 2.2 persons per vehicle.) Phase II is expected to make 300 more slots available.

How will CPC increase adult Sunday school participation?

There needs to be a culture change. CPC is in the process of selecting a new adult education pastor, whose main focus will be this goal of culture change.

Is there an area set aside for the Singles’ Ministry?

Not specifically. The adult education space will be used by various ministries, including the singles’ ministry.

Will there still be two services in the new facility?


What is the $40,000 currently being set aside from the operating budget used for?

For about three years, CPC has been able to set aside funds specifically for a building project. This monthly amount increased over time, and is currently $40,000 per month. These funds have been used to pay the $1.2 million cost of the land, as well as some project “start up” expenses such as architect fees, etc. CrossPointe currently has $600,000 cash in the bank.

What will the $40,000 per month be used for once campaign pledges are in?

The $40K will be used for the mortgage payment. (Note: building operating expenses are accounted for in the facilities budget.)

The pledges from the campaign will also be put toward the mortgage. There are two “timing issues” related to the building that must be considered. First, the pledges will not be collected all at once, they will be collected over a 3-year period. Secondly, we do not know when or for how much our current property will be sold. The expectation is that the current property will be sold approximately one year after we move into the new facility. Therefore, the pledges will help CPC bridge the gap of not having our property sold at the time we move.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the pledges are also a form of equity for the bank. The bank views the percentage of the congregation that will commit to the project in the form of the pledge as equity. Our prayer is 100% commitment.

Please clarify the number of kitchens/set-up.

There will be two kitchens; one in the Youth Area and one in the Children’s Area. The Youth Area kitchen is similar to what we have now, only better. The design is considered a “Catering Kitchen” design, instead of a “Commercial Kitchen” design. According to Tammy Jacobsen, we will be able to serve 500-600 people from the facility. There are other areas in the church that could be used for receptions (i.e. student area, classrooms, etc.) The kitchen is designed for our fellowship goals. The Children’s Area kitchen will be used primarily just for the pre-school/children’s area.

Will the sanctuary seating be on one level?

The sanctuary seating will be on one level, with “level” seating, instead of stadium seating. We will be using chairs. This design allows for multi-purpose use, as well as sanctuary expansion in the second phase.

Will the adult education classrooms be soundproofed?

No, but there will be efforts to make it sound resistant. This issue is being addressed. The classrooms are designed to be removed for the sanctuary expansion in phase II.

Has there been any consideration to opening at daycare in the new facility?

It has been discussed but is not part of the current plan.

Will there be a room in the new facility for nursing mothers where they can go and still hear the service?


Does the interior traffic flow of the new facility promote fellowship? Is there an area for people to gather on their way in/out of church?

Yes. The lobby is much larger than the current foyer. There are also two “social areas” with furniture, etc. directly off the lobby.

It looks like there is only one entrance / exit to the building. Is that correct?

There are several entrances into and out of the building in addition to the main entrance. There are entrances at the rear of the building in addition to exits in the student and children areas. However, we won’t want to provide entrances into the children area. We will control entrance to the children area to maintain security.

The hallways seem a little small on the schematic – how large are they?

8 ft wide.

Is there a baptistery?

Yes, at the front of the sanctuary.

Is a fireplace in the lobby a good idea?

This will be discussed as everything is still in the design phase. Also, the fireplace may promote fellowship, an issue brought up in a previous question.

Any thought to installing a device in the sanctuary that blocks cell phones?

It will be discussed, but we should attempt to get into the habit of turning them off, which is cheaper.

Will there be a traffic flow plan for the parking lot? Will there be a traffic light?

There is currently only one entrance/exit. CrossPointe is going to talk again to the business next door to see if we can get a second “egress” through their parking lot. CrossPointe may possibly offer to repave the business’ parking lot to prevent damage from the additional usage. Due to safety concerns on Hughes Road, the City of Madison will only allow us to have one entrance/exit of our own (not even one of each). The entrance/exit to the new CrossPointe site actually aligns with the entrance to the new housing south of the YMCA.) Installing a traffic light is costly if done by the church (as opposed to the city). CrossPointe will continue to use traffic officer(s).

Why doesn’t the picture of the building in the parking lot rendering look like the schematic?

The parking lot rendering was an initial concept. It more closely reflects phase II. Additionally, not all of the parking spaces in the picture will be in phase I. It was prudent to figure out the phase II footprint (building and parking) for planning purposes/city approval.

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